We have selected some of our most recent customers e-mails, to show you some of the comments about our services:

Dear Andrew,

Hereby I send you a picture of how the painting is presented in our hotel at the moment. We placed the painting on an easel with a little table beside it with some brushes and a palette. The information sheet informs our guests about the painting and how it was created. We will keep this setting for a while before we will frame the painting. When
this happens I will send you a second picture.

We are very happy with the painting, it really is an asset to the hotel!

Kind regards,

Clementijn Aalders
Secretary to Leo Claus
Claus Company

Dear Andrew,

The portrait has arrived and I am so pleased with it and all my friends have commented and how detailed and excellent work the artisit has done. I presume this is Lee Li could you please pass on my thanks to them as they have captured the childrens characters so well and I cannot thank them enough. They are very talented to have created such a piece from a description and 2 dimentional photo.

The portrait is a present for my parents and I will not be seeing them until July to give them it, I think my mum will cry. I will take a photo when they have hung it on their wall and send it to you.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wants a high quality painting and I would also like to thank you Andrew for your regular updates and progress reports and the effort you put into the service whcih I cannot fault.

Thank you once again


The replica oil painting was painted for Claus Hotel & Event Center in Netherlands

Dear Andrew:

The Painting arrived!

It is great. Very good image. No damage to the frame, etc.!!!

The frame is also very attractive. We are very glad about the whole

As soon as I find a place for it, I will hang it up and take a picture
for your company.

I'll be thinking about other painting projects and will put the new orders to you
in the next week soon. Many thanks for this painting in the meantime and also to the
artist, Tony.


I just wanted to mention to you that we are very happy with the quality of the paintings you sent to us. We now have a good inventory, and will begin our marketing tactics here. I believe we will be successful in all of the market areas we plan to pursue over the next three months. I am excited about our cooperation....

Again, thank you. The quality was excellent.

Hi Andrew,

I already sent an e-mail last week ,so maybe you didn't get it.

I checked the new images and i'm really satisfied with the works you've done.

I can't wait to have a look at them,so please send them as soon as possible.
By the way,can you tell me the name of the artists who has done the
paintings for us?

Thank you again


Dear Andrew,

Just heard back form Mrs. Brown, she thinks the painting is wonderful and therefore can you please accept this as confirmation to sign off the painting of the portrait.

Please advise when you proposed to ship it to us, and process the balance owed on this painting.

I am in London next week on a business trip, and my intentions is to stay over and visit the National Gallery to purchase a collection of prints to start our new project as promised.

If there is any difference to this please advise.

Kind Regards


Dear Andrew,

Nelson is looking very good indeed, and i know you want the best possible like i do as well.

Do you think you will still be able to get it to me in time for framing etc?

The castle celebrations are next Saturday, and i need 3 days to stretch and frame the painting, which means i need it in my hands by Wednesday next

The pictures you took were much better, and the clarity and comparison with the original is significantly better.

Many thanks for your assistance and hard work, and i look forward to your
reply by return.

Kind Regards,


Dear Andrew,
The event was extremely successful, and generated a lot of interest in the
portrait in particular.

As you know the original is being auctioned in October at a high profile
Charity dinner night, which will raise hopefully a lot of funds for the

This painting was not available for this event, but we managed to have a
gicle¨¦ produced in time which you see in the attached picture (the one with
the white slip in the frame), as it was intended to generate sales revenue
of a limited number that would be produced, and would generate interest and awareness.

Many thanks for your efforts, and i look forward to an update on the other
paintings currently being produced.

I am sending off today the prints from the National Gallery, and hopefully
you will receive them by the end of the week. Please advise by return when
you receive them.

Kind Regards


Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please can you confirm the names of the artists that painted these pictures.

BW140601- 6 men in a Fishing Boat -This painting looks as though the artist has painted the people first and added the sea in
afterwards. The main faces are very well painted -approved.

BX140601- People parading with flags Looks good - approved.

BR140601- Landscape - Very nice feeling to this painting lovely colour. Is this Mr Den Weihao? approved. Please can you ask Mr Den Wei to paint another painting the same.

Best Regards,
Dear Andrew,

It is very helpful to receive pictures in this way. I know it takes much time but the paintings are better quality with the e-mail. I use the photographs that you e-mail to print out and use as sales material.

Please thank Mr. LI NI very much I am pleased with the portrait on screen and I look forward very much to seeing them for real.

I will fax you today with orders for more portraits.

Thank you and best regards,


Dear Andrew,

Final painting now approved Please send as soon as possible to us.

Fax order coming through for a larger version of the the portrait. This is a rush job please let me know when Mr Liu Shuguang can complete this.

Thank you for the information about the artists that painted this order.

Please pass on my thanks to Mr. liu Shugangi and Mr.Peng Xianghua

Thanks also to you and best Regards,


Dear Andrew,

This is to inform you that TNT delivered the 3 paintings half an hour ago. From what I see they are all very well executed and thus you and your artists have my compliments for having done such an exquisite job.

We will most definitely will be working together.I would like to thank once more for your examplatory conduct in the solving of this matter.

Thanking you,


A.R.Giritli Canada

Dear Portrayers,


My wife & I have looked through the images you sent and we are both agreed
that the first painting we shall commission from you will be the image you enclosed.
The 50% deposit was wired to your account today.

look forward to receiving a beautiful replica of this work in due course.

T Tan Singapore
Dear Andrew,

Thanks for the images. Yes, I am happy with them and go ahead to paint the others.

I will send you further photographs by post. Please let me know can I send you money via the Western Union in the future?

Hope we can do a lots of business.

Philip, USA

Hello Andrew,
I have taken a look at the images and I think they look very nice.

The edges of 1,5 cm on each side are a little to small to put a nice frame on, but these are demo paintings that I am going to show to my customers. In the future I would appreciate it if you make sure that your artists make sure that they leave enough space on all sides so that we can put nice big frames on them.

I hope that you can send these paintings as soon as possible.

Andrew I have send you a Express package with an image of a self portrait of Van Gogh. Can you please paint this in this size : 65cm x 45 cm as soon as possible it is urgent. I will also enclose an image of the photo that I send you by UPS express.
Please tell me the Price f this painting so that I can make a 50 % check for you.

Mick, USA

Dear Andrew

'Navigation Mart' has come and I am thrilled with it. It gives me all the pleasure I hoped for.

I think I can wire the $800 to complete my purchase tomorrow morning, Tuesday March 6.

One thing, though, we are having a big snow storm.
If I cannot go Tuesday morning, then I will be able to go Wednesday morning. (When it snows the city must send big trucks with shovels in front called 'snow-plows' to push the snow off the roads.)

I like very much the three small (46 x 61) Yangtze River scenes on the last page of Mr. Cheng Jiguang's catalog. Are these three paintings for sale?

What is the price? You know I like these three paintings. What I would like best of all is Tibet Mountain scenes in the same style as these little paintings.

Kind Regards,
David, New York


I have, at last, managed to view the image. It's looking good, just one or two comments.

1. The colours on the dress look too bright and new. Could you make them duller, more subtle. Namely, the pink on the dress and the green bodice.
Also the ribbon just needs to be duller and not as bright. the overall effect needs to be more indistinct.

This example is not the type of painting we normally do, we normally sell more ancestral portraits and impressionist paintings which are easier to reproduce.

We look forward to receiving finished product.
Lewis Stein USA
Dear Andrew,

The painting looks fine. Please arrange the shipment. I look forward to receiving the painting and will be placing another order this week.

New Zealand

Hi, Andrew,

I am glad to receive the package today. All 4 paintings have been received in good shape.
The "Sleeping Knight" painting is
especially beautiful.

Thank you.

Guning Pan.
Marietta, GA U.S.A.


Thank you very much for the good job you did. The background colors are perfect. My customers will be pleased. I am sure there will be many more orders soon. I think every single paining is an advertisement itself. As soon as a customer is very happy with a painting, he is going to show it around and this will draw new customers. That`s why I appreciate your artists great efforts.
Best regards,

S. Boergen.
Niigata, Japan

Hi, Andrew,

Paintings received in good condition. Look wonderful and I am very pleased.
Thanks Kathy Steele for Bill Schneider.

Florida. U.S.A


Thank you for the image. I think the painting looks great. Go ahead and ship it together with the other paintings, that we are waiting for.



It's great that we have received the DHL and the paintings are in very good shape. Thanks for the hard work.We have another order coming. I will send to you in the next email. Have you received the payment from us? I hope so. And do you get the poster I sent you last week?
Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Guning Pan
Marietta, GA U.S.A

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