Stjepan Dukic Pista`s Portrait on Canvas

Stjepan Dukic Pista- was born on December 5th 1949 in Lozan near Virovitica, and his home is in Zagreb. He is a Croatian painter who has followed an interesting artistic path. The motifs the Dukic chooses have always been artistically justified in the recognizable style and expressiveness of the work. He frequently turns to the picturesque nature of town views of Zagreb, seeing in the appearance the complex layers of time, transforming it into a warmly colored image. Even rural scenes, with their wealth of themes from descriptive to frequently transcendental ones approach a romantic atmosphere. A special segment of Dukic's opus is represented by portraits, in which he succeeds in finding a balance between the likeness to the subject and the necessary psychological characterization. We need to mention the brilliant portrait of cardinal Stepinac at the Museum of the Blessed One at the Zagreb Chapter, as well as a political and historical phantasmagoria, as he defines his monumental work "ad perpetuam memoriam", which also brings together meaning and summaries his path. Dukic is also attracted to figurative compositions with a note of the symbolic in the interpretation of the work. One example is the Way of the Cross, with an original interpretation of individual stations, but nevertheless an interpretation that remains within the framework of Christian iconography. The paintings of Stjepan Dukic Pista are developed on the basis of classic aesthetics, within which the artist discovered and opened up a space for his individual experience and expression, which, together with a geometric abstract line, form an integral part (in the context of the entirety) of the work, and through this he confirms his singularity in contemporary Croatian art.

Professor Stanko Spoljaric


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