Seine Boat
Stanhope Alexander Forbes, Born on 18th November in Dublin. His father was a railway manager and his mother French. It was she, Juliette Forbes (nee de Guise), who was the driving influence in his life. He wrote to her daily for many years, even after his marriage to Elizabeth Armstrong. His interest in painting began on a family holiday in Ardennes, as a child. When his father was transferred to London Stanhope was sent to Dulwich College. He later studied art at the Lambeth School of Art and the RA Schools and first exhibited at RA in 1878. He then spent two years studying in Paris, from 1880. The following year he accompanied his friend, Henry La Thangue, painting in Brittany ¨C first in Cancale, then in Quimperl¨¦. It was in Cancale that he first made a name for himself with his painting ¡®Street In Brittany¡¯.
Stanhope Forbes died in Newlyn on 2nd March 1947. His many works also include ¡®Buryas Bridge¡¯ (oil on canvas, 1896), ¡®A Safe Anchorage¡¯ (oil on canvas, 1909) and ¡®Young Anglers at Copperhouse Pool, Hayle¡¯ (oil on canvas, 1930). He also exhibited at Dowdeswells (1890), Nottingham (1894) and Whitechapel (1902).

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