Personalized Purchase Agreement
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We can also include a print of the original painting if you like.
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Purchase Agreement

  • This is a agreement between the customer and Art Trouve Co., ltd.
  • Article one: The product
    The product is a hand painted oil reproduction. It will be a oil painting on canvas in the same size of the original painting and it will resemble the original painting as close as possible.
    The title of painting reproduced is: Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh. It's size will be 29" x 37" (73 x 93 cm).

    The painting will be delivered without frame. Additional costs for framing will be for the customer. Art Trouve Co., Ltd. can assist the customer with the framing process by giving advice.

  • Article two: Payment Method
    The payment can be made by VISA or MASTER Card, Paypal , check, bank transfer or Western Union.
    You can pay us via VISA or MASTER Card. After contact us, we will give you a purchase ID and you can complete the purchase through our payment page.
    Please click the link of the logo of the VISA and MASTER Card to proceed you purchase.
    Transaction will be done online-realtime under SSL environment on a secured site.
  • Article three: Shipping and delivery Terms
    We will ship the reproduction only by courier (UPS). It will arrive in 4 to 10 days after it is finished and dried. This will take approximately 25 to 30 days.

    This means you can expect your reproduction within 40 days.

    The customer needs to pay an additional fee for the shipping.

  • Article four: Money back guarantee
    Art Trouve Co., Ltd. offers the customer a money back guarantee. This means that if the customer is not 100% satisfied upon arrival of the reproduction he can send the package back to Art Trouve Co., Ltd. and receive a full refund.

    However, the extra costs for the shipping will be for the customer and will not be returned to him/her.
  • Article five: Price
    The price for the reproduction will be quoted based on customer requirement for what the range of quality would be required.

    We as Art Trouve Inc. will honour this agreement and are looking forward to do business with you.

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