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Art Trouve Co., Ltd. as the owner and maintainer of the
Chinese Portrayers-Online was set up in 1995 and have long
experience in the fields of oil painting reproductions and portrait
from photos. Our quality have been verified by our customers and
have 0% refunded records.

Our company located at Chongqing by the Yangtze river in southwest
China, and there are three famous universities of fine arts at our city.
Most of our artists who are working for us are the professors and
teachers in the universities. Some of them have studied the Western
Masters art in Europe for times. Therefore, many of them have their
specialties on different masters` styles.

Andrew Zhao

Chinese Portrayers-Online
Art Trouve Co., Ltd.
A-7-1-2, California Garden, Yubei District,
Chongqing, China 401147

Tel: +86-23-67622675
Fax: +86-23-67622676
Email: Andrew@portrayers.com

Products we are supplying:

Old Masters Replica Oil Paintings

  • Portrait in oil on canvas, watercolour and charcoal drawings
  • Portrait from photos
  • Pets portrait in oil on canvas, watercolour and charcoal drawings
  • Any other custom portraits

  • Oil Painting from Photos
  • Oil Painting from Post Cards
  • Oil Painting from Prints
  • Frames

Supply the only genuine hand-carved frames and easel

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