Traditionally a portrait is painted with the model present at the artist's workshop. He is a live model. This is the preferred method. The artist can grasp the subject's personality and get a real insight into his or her character. But there are other ways to proceed. We will finish the portrait in about 4- 5 weeks.??

The artist and the client must?agree beforehand on a series of details which affect the general look of the desired portrait. Some things to consider are the style or type of dress, the pose, setting, is it to be formal or informal, etc? Other considerations are: Is it destined for a particular place in the home or elsewhere? or what should be the size of the painting?

See the portrait as it progresses from the first sketch to final painting. Drawings will be emailed to you, as will photos of the portrait in its final stages. Please click
Here to view the procedure how the portrait is painted by step and step.

Discuss this over with our artist or our director: Together you will shape the portrait. Your comments are appreciated during the portrait process as you know the subject best. Meanwhile, we can compose your portrait from different photos you favor if the photo had no one you love to. Please click
Here to view the sample.

In this case the subject was too young to sit and the painting was done exclusively from photos taken by our artists. The artist and the client discussed what the look and size of the portrait should be. The artist then did sketches to give both himself and the client a better feel for the possibilities. One of the poses was chosen and the artist proceeded to the final portrait.

Before delivery, photographs of the portrait will be scanned and emailed to you for your final approval. The artist will make any necessary final adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.


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