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How to Order your Portrait

1. Send us your Photo by E-mail or by Mail.

2. How many figures are in the composition: one figure, two figures or group of people. The price will be added 25% if there is additional figure in the composition.

3. What the style of the portrait you are looking for; oil on canvas,pastel , watercolour,pencil drawing

4. What the medium of the portrait you are looking for; Photo-like style, Realistic style, Impressionist style, Expressionism style.

5. What the quality of the portrait you are looking for; Top quality, High quality or Medium quality.

6. What the size of the portrait is

As soon as when we receive your requesting for quote, we will send you quotation within 24 hours.
E-mail:andrew@portrayers.com portrayers2003@yahoo.com.cn Tel: 0086 23 67622675

Pencil drawing

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