Liu Mingxiao` s Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Liu Mingxiao - 1964, graduated from Dept. of Chinese Ink Painting of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts. The dean of the Dept of Plastic of Arts in Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts. He has been joined many art show in home and abroad.

  • 1989-The First National Meticulous Brushworks of Landscape in Sichuan Province.
  • 1990-Show of Chinese Fine Arts in Hong Kong.
  • 1992-The First Maple Leaf Show of International Paintings in Canada.
  • 1993-Art Show of Home Town and Earth in Japan.
  • 1994-The Eighth National Art Show.
  • 1995-The Show of National Calligraphy and Ink Painting.
  • 1996-International Art Fair of De Witted Dama in Netherlands.
  • 1996-his Work of New Green has been collected by Great Britain Museum.
  • 1997-His works have been issued by many art magazines in China.
  • 1998-His works of Vases Group have been joined the International Art Fair in Guangzhaou

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