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1. Who are Art Trouve Co.,?
Art Trouve Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company, based in the city of Chongqing, the biggest city in southwest China, that is specialized in old masters reproductions and portrait art. You can contact us at:
Art Trouve Co., Ltd.
A7 1-2 California Garden, Yubei District,
Chingqing, China

Tel: +86 23 67622675
Fax: +86 23 67622676

Chamber of Commerce: #01319
2. What exactly is a reproduction?
Our reproductions are highly accurate copies of original works of art. They are handpainted by talented artists. Our products bring the art to live; you can see, touch and feel the brushstrokes. The reproductions are made the same way the original great master would have made them.
3. How well do they resemble the original?
Once you have seen a reproduction like this, you will never accept a poster or print again. Our reproduction is handpainted with oil on canvas and will make you feel the passion of the artist. These are NOT 'transfers' of a photographic image onto canvas, but are handpainted by talented artists on pure cotton canvas
4.Is this legal ?
Absolutely. We want to stress that these works are copies and we do not attempt to pass them off as originals. We only produce copies of works which have passed out of copyright and into public domain. This means that the artists must have been deceased for at least seventy years. Our reproductions are legal copies, so this has nothing to do with forgery. 

5. Do you provide information on the artist as well?
We want to share artists with the world. This doesn't only involve sharing old masters`s art but also their life and style. If you have any questions about old masters, you can simply contact with us.




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