--Lawrence Alma-Tadema--
Faust and Marguerite
The Education of the Children of Clovis
An Egyptian Widow
A Picture Gallery
An Audience at Agrippa's
94 Degrees in the Shade
His Wife and His Daughter
Roman Potter
The Tepidarium
Anthony and Cleopatra
An Apodyterium
Love Votaries
Unconscious Rivals
A Coign of Vantage
In My Studio
The Coliseum
A Difference of Opinion
A Family Group
Nobody Asked You, Sir She Said
A Flag of Truce
The Baths of Caracalla
Silver Favourites
The Finding of Moses
At Aphrodite's Cradle
Caracalla and Geta, Bear Fight in the Coliseum
A Favourite Custom
Summer Offering
The Women of Amphissa

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